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Indoor pool environments present a unique challenge when it comes to air dehumidification. At Ventwell, we set out to provide systems that take these challenges on in a way traditional dehumidification systems can't.


Traditional dehumidifiers work continuously to compress, heat and cool the air in a facility. After cooling the air, the system releases it back into the space. These systems control humidity, but they do very little to remove chloramine and other chemicals from the air. Instead, they recirculate the same chemically-laden air within a facility.


At Ventwell, we use innovative Fresh Air First technology to get rid of harmful airborne chemicals and improve air quality.


If you've ever been around a large indoor pool, you're probably all too familiar with that distinct "chlorine smell." What you might not know is that the smell doesn't come from chlorine itself. Chlorine is an effective chemical when it comes to keeping pools clean and safe for guests. However, when it combines with sweat and personal care products that wash off swimmers' bodies, it creates a compound called chloramine.


According to the CDC, chloramine can lead to adverse health effects for swimmers. These effects include red, itchy eyes, and skin irritation. Chloramine also produces a gas, which means the entire swimming area can be affected — not just the pool itself. These chemicals in the air produce the familiar chlorine smell you might associate with indoor pools.


Over time, airborne chemicals can even corrode metal and damage the infrastructure of the pool room in your facility. To avoid these effects, it's crucial to make sure your pool room dehumidifier includes fresh air intake.


Ventwell air handling systems go beyond dehumidification to address the problems posed by chloramines in pool facilities. We utilize a variety of cutting-edge components to create our unique systems. One of these components is called the Recuperator.


We already explained the inefficiencies of traditional dehumidification systems. Unlike a typical pool room dehumidifier, the Recuperator can increase the amount of fresh, clean air in your facility. Rather than circulating the air inside, our system utilizes an engineered airflow path to pull air from outside. The result? Guests and swimmers in your facility will be able to enjoy clean, healthy air, and the infrastructure of your pool room will be safe for years to come.


In short, Ventwell brings fresh air in and pushes chemical-laden air out. You'll notice the difference in your indoor pool facility right away, and your guests will too.



Ventwell's fresh air systems are unlike any other pool room dehumidifiers on the market. If you're ready to experience the Ventwell difference for yourself, feel free to get in touch with us to learn more.


Our team would be happy to answer any questions you have about the importance of installing a pool room dehumidifier with fresh air intake. We can also get you started with a quote for a custom dehumidification system for your indoor pool, so reach out now!

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