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As patrons come through the doors of your facility's fitness center every day, you want to provide safe and sanitary conditions for them so they'll want to keep coming back. One crucial aspect of creating a healthy environment for your fitness center is maintaining clean, fresh air.

When the facility's air isn't circulating properly, evaporated sweat and oils can build up and result in humidity, unpleasant odors and unsanitary conditions. To prevent this issue, you can improve your facility's air quality with a dehumidification system.


At Ventwell, we offer products that can protect your facility visitors' health and improve their experience using your fitness center. Our dehumidifiers help keep the entire gym environment in optimal condition and accomplish the following goals.

Improve Air Quality in Pool and Spa Areas

Pool and spa dehumidifiers are essential to good air quality because these two areas are most likely to create unsanitary, humid air. The combination of heat and small spaces in spas means that sweat, chemicals and water quickly evaporate into the air and linger there. In pools, chlorine combined with natural waste from swimmers becomes chloramines, harmful chemicals that have a pungent smell and cause skin and eye irritation.


These compounds all get into the air at fitness centers, resulting in chemical-filled, heavy air that can be uncomfortable and unhealthy for visitors. The high levels of humidity in these areas and throughout the gym can also allow mold and mildew to grow under mats and equipment. It can affect the building structure itself as well, as moisture can build up in the walls.

Indoor swimming pool with roped lanes

Optimize Climate Control

When you invest in a dehumidification system for your fitness center, you create a better environment for everyone who uses the facility. With lower humidity, gym users are more comfortable while exercising because they can cool down more easily.


It also can improve your HVAC system's function, as your air conditioner and heating units don't always have the capacity to efficiently maintain climate control in a humid space. A dehumidifier can circulate the air for them so that they don't get overworked.

Protect Visitors' Health

Ensuring that your facility has proper air quality protects the health of all your fitness center visitors. When people exercising at your facility can breathe in fresh, clean air during every visit, they'll be healthier and more comfortable.

Good air quality offers many health benefits, such as:

  • Decreased asthma attacks.
  • Better heart health.
  • Better long-term lung function.
  • Reduced risk of headaches and respiratory ailments.

With better air quality, gym users will experience these health benefits and have an overall more positive experience at your facility.


Ventwell's dehumidifiers can improve your fitness center's pool, spa and workout rooms by creating a safe and comfortable environment for everyone using the facilities.

When you work with us, our experienced industry professionals can help build a customized solution for your facility's needs. Whether you need a replacement dehumidification system or are getting an entirely new system, we can design a product to fit your requirements.


Let us help you create a safe environment with optimal air quality at your fitness center. To get started, get in touch with us online or call us at 717-683-1477 today.