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At Ventwell, we know that no two commercial swimming pools are exactly alike. That's why we designed our manufacturing facility to enable flexibility and custom configuration.


Ventwell provides revolutionary dehumidification systems for nearly every commercial swimming pool facility. No matter the size of your pool or the climate it's located in, we've got you covered.

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Hotel Swimming Pool Dehumidification

Hotel and resort swimming pool rooms have a unique set of needs. These pools tend to be large, and they see a great deal more use than a typical residential pool. That means they need more monitoring and care to make sure their humidity levels are where they need to be.


At Ventwell, we've designed our systems to withstand the test of time. Our hotel pool dehumidifiers are reliable and efficient, which means you can count on minimal downtime for repairs and low costs of ownership.

College and High School Swimming Pool Dehumidification

Do you need a new dehumidification system for your school swimming pool? Whether you're looking to replace an existing dehumidifier or design a brand-new system from the ground up, Ventwell can help. Our team has extensive experience creating systems for college and high school natatoriums. Whatever capacity you're expecting your pool to have in the coming years, we'll rise to the challenge and help you design a cost-effective and energy-efficient system.


Dehumidification for YMCA and Rec Center Swimming Pools

Did you know that swimming pools with higher capacities tend to be more humid? We understand the importance of dehumidification for YMCA swimming pools and other pools that tend to attract a lot of guests at any given time. Our team will work with you to design a dehumidifier that can handle the needs of your rec center with minimal downtime so your guests can stay healthy all year long.

Dehumidification for Fitness Center Swimming Pools and Spa Rooms

When you run a health and fitness facility, you have lots of patrons counting on you. These facilities need dehumidification systems that require little or no downtime for repairs. That's why a Ventwell system is the ideal choice. Our team has spent decades designing and producing environmental control systems for pools and gyms. Our systems are reliable and energy-efficient for the lasting performance you need.


Hot tubs and spas tend to be very humid, and they're often located in smaller rooms. As a result, the need for an effective dehumidification system is even greater. You can count on Ventwell to create a custom system for any pool or spa room.


Are you searching for a new dehumidification system for your indoor pool room? Ventwell can help. We understand the particular needs of commercial pools, and we can provide a drop-in replacement or a custom-designed system for any type of swimming pool facility.


Get in touch with us today to learn more or get a quote started for your new commercial swimming pool dehumidification system.


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